What is the SchoolReady programme?

The SchoolReady series of weekly classes follow the different stages of a normal
school day.

The classes are highly interactive with children encouraged to participate with ideas. Ready Eddy,
a loveable brown bear, will help and entertain the children through the classes. The classes involve various bitesize games covering the skill sets needed, from motor skills to social and emotional skills, to help meet the challenges that face children in reception.

Every class will include a story which reinforces the themes of the class and various songs. Parents/carers attend the classes to support and encourage the children in their learning through play and, after each session, parents receive a leaflet which explains the learning objectives of the particular week and further examples of how these can be reinforced at home.

Please email for more information:
Nicolette@schoolready.co.uk or Elizabeth@schoolready.co.uk

Why the SchoolReady programme?
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Why School Ready?