Why School Ready

The first day of school is a landmark for most people – who does not remember their first day at school? But all too often, children arrive on their first day of school unprepared for what lies ahead, regardless of their parents’ best intentions.

School demands a particular set of social, emotional and physical skills, and SchoolReady is about focussing on these skills specifically to ensure every child is able to have a positive experience from that first day. This programme is specifically designed to complement and build on the nursery experience and, with parental support, to enable children to take full advantage of the challenges and opportunities for development.

For most parents, it is enough to know that their child is best placed to enjoy and learn at school to the best of their abilities, but recent research has also shown that preparing a child for school also pays great dividends further on in a child’s life in terms of social and economic outcomes.

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What is the SchoolReady programme?
Why the SchoolReady programme?