Why should my child attend SchoolReady?
As a parent, you can give your child the best possible chance to thrive at school with a little
bit of preparation. That is where SchoolReady can help. SchoolReady will help equip your
child with the range of social, physical and emotional skills that your child will need to get
the most out of school. Your child will be ready to rise to those daily challenges like putting
on their jumper themselves before playtime or knowing what to do when the teacher calls
the register. Your child will feel less daunted at the prospect of going to school and will be
able to hit the ground running from the very beginning. Parents already intuitively know
that preparation helps children get the most out of school but recent research also shows
that children who are ready for school have improved life outcomes in the long run
(see web links).

If my child goes to Nursery, why do they need these classes?
SchoolReady is about a collaborative approach to preparing for school. Your child and your
child’s carer will learn together, having fun in the classes on a weekly basis, and then
reinforcing those messages over time at home. The programme is interactive between your
child and your child’s carer, play based, and gives the child and carer activities to continue
at home to reinforce the learning.

Nursery school and day care are very important preparation for school. Your child will get
invaluable experience of how to interact with other children and how to separate from his
or her carer. But nursery schools do not always have the time or resources to focus on
those very specific skills that will help your child make the most of school. The Early Years
Foundation Stage curriculum focuses on six areas and we focus in on those which
practitioners agree help the most to prepare a child for school.

The short bite size chunks mean that your child learns a small amount, often, rather
than being bombarded with lots of information at one session. [research]

How often do we need to come to the classes?
The classes run weekly, for three terms every year. For maximum benefit, coming every
term will really help reinforce those skills.

Will my child learn to read and write?
No. That’s what school is for! But we will focus on showing your children the skills they
need to start reading and writing, for example familiarising them with letters and the
sequencing of the alphabet, and gross motor skills like holding a pencil.

What are the skills that you focus on?
The Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of six areas of Learning and Development.

We are focusing on the following areas:
Physical Development
(covering Movement and Space; Health and Bodily Awareness;
Using Equipment and Materials)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
(covering Dispositions and Attitudes; Self-confidence and Self-esteem; Making Relationships; Behaviour and Self-control; Self-care; Sense of Community)

Communication, Language and Literacy
(covering Language for Communication; Language for Thinking; Linking Sounds and Letters; Reading; Writing; Handwriting)

How long are the classes?
Each class lasts for 45 minutes. Much longer than that and your child will be too tired to
appreciate it. And there is a snack included!

We offer classes in both the morning and afternoon, so as to suit different nursery times.

How much does the class cost?
We offer a free trial class, with no obligation to continue.

If you do choose to join, there is an initial membership fee of £10, which includes an apron. Thereafter, the cost is £140per term, to include a parent take-away.



Please email for more information:
Nicolette@schoolready.co.uk or Elizabeth@schoolready.co.uk

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